Netsuke. The Japanese art of miniature ivory carving.
These tiny gems of craftsmanship are designed to engage the senses of sight and touch, making them charming examples of early interactive media.

The only thing that sucked about netsuke is that they were made from ivory.
It’s terrible that elephants were killed to provide ivory for netsuke.
At the same time, netsuke are so beautiful that I can’t help but admire them.

But what if you could own a great, big netsuke that’s made from 100% elephant-safe materials?
Now you can. The FREAKINSKULL is a modern American spin on a classic Japanese form.
It’s been re-sized for the 21st century. Weighing over a pound and measuring 7” from chin to cranium, this big Netsuke is built to be hefted and handled.
Grab it. Squeeze it. Hold down some wind-blown papers. Hold up some unruly books.
FREAKINSKULL can take whatever you dish out.

Each FREAKINSKULL is hand-cast in a specially blended, high-impact PVC resin that simulates the look and feel of fossilized mammoth ivory, so you can enjoy your jumbo-netsuke without the guilt.
No elephants were harmed in the making of this product.

Care should be taken when handling FREAKINSKULL.
To prevent fatigue, FREAKINSKULL should be admired in shorter viewing/handling sessions than smaller traditional netsuke.

Because of it’s large size, FREAKINSKULL is not intended to be worn from the obi (kimono sash) and therefore no himotoshi (cord-hole) has been provided for this purpose.

Do not toss, throw or pound with FREAKINSKULL, except in extreme
life-threatening circumstances.
Pregnant women should not lift or hoist FREAKINSKULL without first consulting their obstetrician or accredited mid-wife.

FREAKINSKULL is hand-crafted in very small batches and available only for a limited time. Signed and numbered. Delivered in a cool box.
Made in U.S. A.

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