I was going through my archives the other day and I found this print I had made almost 20 years ago.

It shows a Meller’s Chameleon clinging to a swirling mass of medieval greenery.
If you look carefully, you can see the chameleon is stalking a leaf-insect hidden amongst the foliage.

This print is hand-pulled from two carved linoleum blocks.
The color varies from print to print. Some fade from green to russet, as shown here. Others are solid green. Each one is a unique example of the block-printer’s craft.
I used oil-based inks on archival paper.

Back in ’97 I did a run of 30 prints and I have about a dozen left.
The blocks have been lost so I won’t be printing any more.
Get ‘em while you can. When they go, they’re gone.
Each one is signed and numbered.

$100.00 plus shipping and handling
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